2018 Carter County Shrine Club’s Christmas

The Carter County Shrine Club’s Christmas party was a wonderful success! The cake (made by Linda Burton & Karen Jenkins) was beautiful and delicious. The traditional Christmas meal was amazing (thank you Stevie Clay, Jesse Oney, and Amanda Kiser for all your help with cooking). The greatest compliment came from a couple from the Temple telling us, “we have been to 8 parties and this one was the best and had the most delicious food by far.” Bad Decision was rockin’! Love those guys and their music! Always love seeing my good friend Jeremy Smith!

I am very proud of Donny Owens Jr (El President), all of the Carter County Shriners, and Shrine ladies who work so very hard to raise money for the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. This year was a success with a huge amount of money being sent to support the hospitals.

Dalton Conley (who was a patient at Shriner’s Hospitals for 17 years) was recognized for his volunteering during events and received a plaque. Several of the Shriners were recognized and received plaques for their dedication and service to the club from President Ducky. Also five Shrine Ladies were recognized for their part in making events successful and received a gift from Donny and I. Pamela Layne Harris, Amanda Kiser, Carolyn Raybourn, Tammy Barker, and Lucinda Hancock you ladies (as well as all Shrine Ladies) are very appreciated!

Remember, when you see the Carter County Shrine Club hosting an event in 2019 and following years (Horse Shows, 1st Annual Swap & Sell, The Bluegrass Festival, etc), or on the street doing their annual bucket brigade, please support them! They are a great group working for a greater cause!

By Lisa Messer Conley

Photos by Lisa Messer Conley and Stevie Clay